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only dangerous in the breeding season

I parked the Sonata behind Johnny’s jeep and stepped from the car into the hibiscus-scented heat. The night was clammy with moisture rising out of the damp land and drifting from the tropical storm that still lurked out to sea. Cicadas clicked and whirred their abdominal song somewhere in the dark.

The movement was barely perceptible, a shiver off to the right among the bougainvillea that trailed up the sides of the apartment block. Something... someone...shifted weight and the plant trembled.

Johnny was fumbling for keys, head down, as the shiver became a shudder and a flickering figure stepped sideways half out of the shadow. No possible way to see that except as a threat. I lurched forward, yelling.


What does family mean? Everything? Nothing?

Private detective Stevie McCabe finds himself 5000 miles from home answering a distress call, deserting the hard streets of Glasgow for the seductive palms of Florida’s

Gulf coast. Brother Johnny is in trouble with the law, guilty of theft and fraud through a corrupt pyramid scheme, left to face the consequences by a partner who crashed his Cessna into a swamp, but that’s not Johnny’s biggest problem...his problem is that he laundered funds through the venture for a druglord, a high-value target for police. So: face the penitentiary for his financial crimes...or plea bargain for deportation by incriminating the gangster at the risk of his own life?

But it’s not just family loyalty that drives Stevie McCabe, because some of his brother’s fraud victims were organised crime figures from back home in Glasgow – and he “helpfully” mentioned Stevie’s name while doing it: both brothers are now threatened equally by law and disorder in two countries as cultures blend and clash in a melee where there are no victories, only flavors of defeat.

...and a hurricane is raging across the Gulf towards Florida, threatening to blow everybody’s plans away...




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