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no shadow in the city

Pradip Jadeja killed his children in Elder Park. For some fuck-knows-why reason he took them, hand in hand, all the way down to the playground at the Clyde Tunnel end of the park and he killed them there, among the swings.

Not with a gentle pillow, not with the drifting bliss of narcotics, not with a mad twist of his steering wheel into the eternal embrace of a Douglas Fir. But, instead, with a knife.

Bloody, visceral, and public, he killed them where everybody could see, even although none of them wanted, women and children.

Pradip Jadeja killed his children in Elder Park. Both of them.

And when the police went back to his wife's tenement flat, they found he’d killed her, too. Of course, naturally.


no shadow cover

Glasgow’s Southside is scorching in unaccustomed heat and the neighbourhood teeters on the edge, simmering and riot-ready.

In the city's docklands, a taxi driver murders his family in a bloody daylight massacre.

A bitter dispute between a union and a politically-connected business family escalates into firebomb attacks and violence.

Meanwhile, racist gangs organise violent confrontation after a white girl is raped and a Muslim woman attacked with acid in apparent retaliation...police and politicians struggle to prevent the tension turning into war on the streets.

And Stevie McCabe isn't a player in any of this. He's four hundred miles away, in London, planning to work for a bank, bird-watching and learning how to play Go.He's four hundred miles away...for now.

NO SHADOW IN THE CITY, the fifth Stevie McCabe novel from Glasgow Noir Fiction

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