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my name is never was

A television studio. Or real life?

Or both?

I couldn’t tell by that point.

What was for certain was that I was being broadcast live, to an audience of millions, and I was holding a knife in my hand as the camera glared pitilessly at me.

The knife wasn’t a problem in itself, you see, it was more the dead woman lying on the floor where the viewing nation could clearly see her, vivid pools of scarlet staining the white halterneck dress with full circle pleated skirt, that she had worn to look like Marilyn Monroe in that movie that nobody had ever seen. But everybody had seen the photo, and the dress, that dress.

And here was me, holding the knife, streaked bloody along its length, dead woman a few feet away. I couldn’t call that a good thing, and I couldn’t really call it anything that had been in my plans for the evening.

What I hoped was that nobody would be calling it evidence, because if they did, there would be ten million witnesses.

My name cover


What is your life worth if you’re nobody famous? What would you give to be somebody…anybody?

Britain’s most sensational TV show is under attack from a fanatical religious cult and Stevie McCabe is in a desperate race to discover what the sect is planning, while tracing a stalker whose threatening internet videos are increasingly disturbed. Working for a TV company that’s rigging the results of the show, his investigation is dogged by lies, envy and obsession, and the insatiable lust for fame at any cost infects everything.

At the heart of the case - a charismatic young woman who embodies the spirit of Marilyn Monroe, a devious fantasist inventing new identities, the sleaziest tabloid reporter on the planet and an ex-magician planning his greatest trick – to fill his pockets with millions.

As always, the city of Glasgow provides a vivid backdrop for acts of mayhem, corruption and homicidal intent, in a landscape peopled by crooked police, gay brides, dying philosophers, spiritual gurus, teenage thugs and the missing.

MY NAME IS NEVER WAS, the fourth Stevie McCabe novel from Glasgow Noir Fiction

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