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black wind blows

Me and the KGB? It wasn’t an appointment I ever thought I’d find on my dance-card.

After all, here was me, sitting in Glasgow watching the compulsory rain ripple across my office windows and waiting for the phone to ring, a private detective so private, it seemed, that nobody wanted to disturb my privacy.

This all happened a while back, you see, before I made my bones in this city, before I made a mark in this trade, and earned whatever stripes I have. And that, I see now, was one of the reasons that Davie Youll came to see me in the first place – he didn’t want anybody too obvious, nor too expensive, and Stevie McCabe fitted the bill on both counts. I was so low-profile that your dad’s Austin Allegro wouldn’t even have felt the bump as it went over me on the road, and expensive? I couldn’t afford to be expensive.

And so Davie and his American girlfriend walked into my life, trailing the Russian secret police behind them.


That, and death, and blood.



A case from Stevie McCabe’s past, a world where mobile phones were a luxury and politics were changing in ways that nobody could control. Engaged by a sacked civil servant and his unlikely Asian-American partner, a simple -dull, even - case of unfair dismissal escalates when the former Soviet secret police become involved.

But, nothing - including the KGB - is as it seems, which McCabe learns as he uncovers quasi-official conspiracies, false trails leading overseas, the disappearance of huge sums of government money and the strange marital arrangements of the woman who smokes for Scotland.

And why is an organisation that acts as a front for the provisional IRA taking such an interest in McCabe’s business? And then there’s he fact that he’s wanted for murder......

Truly, the more he hears, the less he knows.

BLACK WIND BLOWS, the third Stevie McCabe novel

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